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The Best of Crypto, DeFi, and Blockchain - Updated May, '22

Multi-Crypto Apps

Popular wallets and trading apps for multiple coins. Keep in mind: hardware wallets are a must for security! These are for convenience of trading.

Hardware Wallets

Secure your cryptocurrencies with these offline devices. Keeps your secret keys off the Internet.

Privacy Coins

Cryptocurrencies forcused on anonymity to some degree.

Decentralized Exchanges

DeFi crypto and other asset trading that is run by code, not companies.

Crypto Lending

Different ways to possibly earn interest on cryptocurrencies.

News Sites

Keep up on the latest whirlwind of crypto news.

Decentralized Storage

The web is returning to its decentralized origins.

Supply and Logistics

Tracking, inventory, and payment systems that are reinventing supply chains.

Medical Projects

There are promising use cases for blockchain in medicine.


Cryptos that are pegged to the US Dollar. Be wary of algorithmic ones since the UST collapse.

DApps Lists

Decentralized apps run the new decentralized Internet. Check them out.

This site obsessively created by Crypto JBro May, '22. Use a hardware wallet. Research ISO 20022 coins and the teams behind projects. Be quick to reject!

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